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6th Form Life

Our aim is simple; to support our students to succeed with the very best results to support their life chances, alongside providing a range of experiences for them to grow into a mature young adult ready for the real world.

To this end we are resolute in our commitment to hard work above all. Our 6th Form students receive 10 hours of study periods every week, more than any other 6th form, and we trust them (and sometimes challenge them) to use these effectively. Such autonomy is critical to success in school and beyond.

Within this we ask all our Year 12 students to complete 1 hour of community service every week. This could be supporting lessons in school or working within the local community. We want to develop life skills and support them in debunking some of the negative reputations that exist for young people in society.

We value leadership. All our students are role models in our vertical tutoring system. Within this each tutor group has several students in from Year 7 all the way to Year 13; 6th Formers are critical in their support of younger students in the mentoring and experience that they can provide. Furthermore, our 6th Form students lead in key strategic leadership positions in school as Head Students and Heads of House.

Wellbeing is a critical strand in our 6th Form. To this end we provide a range of experiences to look after: physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These include: our 6th Form Quiz, fundraising events for local, national and international challenges, the largest cohort of Duke of Edinburgh locally, social events and of course our Year 13 Prom.

We feel that it is this rounded structure that is pivotal to our success through the range of experiences we provide through life in our 6th Form.

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To find out more about St Laurence 6th Form and get more information on each subject that we offer, please view our prospectus and course options documents.

6th Form

The St Laurence 6th Form is a vibrant, dynamic and aspirational community where students are provided with the skills and knowledge to face the future with confidence.

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